Why InSequence sorting is implemented manually?

Hi @aslak,

I see that in the Arquillian JUnit runner there is a sorting mechanism implemented.
This seems to be implemented in Jira issue ARQ-474. The implementation is straightforward but sorting is done manually in the overridden getChildren() method whereas there is a built-in sorting support by the Sortable interface implemented in the JUnit Runner base classes. Is there a particular reason for such implementation? Maybe using Sortable would mess with the TestRunnerAdapter operation?


Hi Dimcho,

I’m not really sure if there was a concrete reason for that. What I would suggest is to try to simplify it and see if your tests are still working as expected. I mean not only unit tests we have for ARQ core, but some in-container tests in particular. Did you start writing some or maybe looked at some show cases we have on GitHub?