ShrinkWrap Resolver single jar bootstrap module

I’ve been playing with a module for ShrinkWrap Resolver that attempt to minimalize the application classpath foot print;

Currently it has no external/local dependencies and rely on packaging Resolvers dependencies as part of the bootstrap jar file. The module only expose a very simplified version of the Resolver API:

public final class Resolver {

    public static ClassLoader resolveAsClassLoader(String... artifacts);

    public static ClassLoader resolveAsClassLoader(ClassLoader parent, String... artifacts);

    public static File[] resolveAsFiles(String... artifacts);

Usage example:

ClassLoader cl = Resolver.resolveAsClassLoader(


This allow for using Resolve in situations here:

  • Minimal Application ClassLoader footprint is required
  • Conflicts with other Application ClassLoader libs occure
  • Easy usage outside of dependency management systems

Would it be possible to deploy an entire war (including libs, classes, webapp content) with the shrinkwrap resolver api exposed here?

You could resolve a pre built war for sure,


But currently the ShrinkWrap Importer is not exposed here.

Hello, Aslak,

is the mentioned artifact “shrinkwrap-resolver-bootstrap-maven” currently no in maven central repository?

Thanks, regards,