Request for feedback: JRuby Arquillian Adapter


I have started writing a JRuby Arquillian adapter and would like to get feedback.
It is hosted at

The adapter accepts any archive type and will automatically install nested gem files.
As this installation may take a long time it will cache installed gems and will therefore cache installed gems.

It will inject ScriptingContainer and Ruby instances as @ArquillianResources with one instance per test method or one per class.

Ruby scripts in the archive can also be executed automatically before test methods to define classes, methods, require gems, etc.

So I am interested to get some feedback from the community, if I am missing some points or sth could be done better.


This is pretty cool stuff :smile:

Haven’t gotten to play with it on any custom code yet, but in general it looks good.

Sent you a little pull request on some minor clean up;

Created a little alignment issues as well: