Parameterizing arquillian.xml

What’s the best way to parameterize and pass arguments to arquillian.xml. For instance, if I want to parameterize the tomcat port for a tomcat remote container? (It won’t always be the same port on diff. developers machines or in diff. env.)

I’ve seen some of the older posts on JBoss Developer Forum about this – wondering if there’s a way to pass parameters (ideally system parameters) to arquillian.xml file

E.g. ${tomcat.port} in the arquillian.xml file, and mvn -Dtomcat.port=8080 for instance. – this does not work.

The suggested workarounds seen ( in surefire plugin configuration) do not work for me.

[I also posted this same question on JBoss Developer Forum,]

Hallo Richard,

I have a template of arquillian.xml and use gradle to read the options from property file and push them into the template and copy template file to src/test/resources/arquillian.xml

But you are free in tooling use your favourite build tool. ( Ant will do the job, too)

best regards