Multi deployment Warping

I had a thought the other night and ran it past Aslak who also thinks it would be interesting.

If you had multiple deployments, similar to a microservice landscape, it would be really neat to be able start a call to one service, which makes use of other services and be able to track that through Warp and verify that everything works down the chain. Thoughts?

I think that’s an fantastic idea!

…Now… how…? :smile:

How is a very good question, I don’t have an answer for it, but it would be very handy to have.

This has spawned the following conversation with @lukasfryc How to warp Warp into Core?

Assuming a ‘multi wrapped request’, e.g. a warp from a server to a server, is much more likely to be a single REST call, with the new Warp ‘Light’ in Core this should be much more achievable.