Moving to ShrinkWrap 2.0

Hi, all:

From its inception, ShrinkWrap has required JDK6 to build and a JRE5 runtime to run. Several years back we added some JDK7-specific features (NIO.2 support) as add-on modules. I believe it’s now appropriate we move to a ShrinkWrap 2.0 major version bump and allow ourselves to make non-backcompat changes.

I have created a branch for this work:

This is rebased atop upstream/master and additionally moves issue tracking from JIRA into GitHub issues. I’ve also set up a CI job:

So I have a proposed course of action for review:

A1) Move upstream/master to upstream/1.0.0-X
A2) Move alrubinger/2.0.0-X to upstream/master
A3) Deprecate JIRA for ShrinkWrap 1.x only
A4) Use ShrinkWrap 2.x issues on GitHub

This is also a fine time to ask ourselves some questions:

Q1) Move shrinkwrap/shrinkwrap into arquillian/shrinkwrap?
Q2) Move package namespace from org.jboss.shrinkwrap to org.arquillian.shrinkwrap?
Q3) Bump SWR to 3.0 and base it on ShrinkWrap 2.x?
Q4) ShrinkWrap 2.0 should require JRE7? JRE8?

I imagine each of these questions may spin off into their own threads, so if you have opinions on them, please feel free to get that started.

On the proposed action plan above, simply looking for +1/-1.



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The branch noted now enforces JDK8. Lots of support for JDK8 on Twitter.

With general support on Twitter and no reservations here, I have put into place the proposed action plan above.

ShrinkWrap 1.2.x releases may be cut off upstream/1.2.X

ShrinkWrap API is now open to breaking changes under a 2.0.0-alpha-X release strategy under upstream/master.