Graphene 2.1 staged

Hey guys,

Arquillian Graphene 2.1.0.Alpha1 was staged and it is available for testing.
It depends on Core 1.1.5 and Drone 1.3.1.

The code is in this branch so far:

Release notes stub that Juraj put together (thx!):

If we won’t find any issues till the end of this week, I’m ready to push the button.

Thank Juraj and Stefan for their hard work on Graphene 2.1 and Recorder/Screenshooter Extension!

~ Lukas

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As we haven’t noticed any blocking issues,

we started works to get the 2.1.0.Alpha1 released and announced.

Any reason JIRA version is in state unreleased?

Release notes for Graphene 2.1.0.Alpha1 and Recorder 1.0.0.Alpha1 pushed live.

Great works, guys! :slight_smile:

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