Community hangouts

We would like to get connected with the community and discuss the most important topics related to Arquillian ecosystem. I would like to use this space to gather ideas and plan next steps.

So let’s start collecting the most important discussion topics and plan hangouts based on them. My questions to the community would be:

  • what are the most important topics/pain points in Arquillian you would like to get addressed?
  • how frequently you would like to have such a meeting scheduled?

The “mic” is all yours now!

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Arquillian Persistence Extension release ! Dynamic fields on YML like Date, Time, or Java expressions.

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Hi folks,

this is a great initiative, thanks for making it possible @bartoszmajsak!

I would like to see Arquillian suite support move on. Having one deployment for the entire suite would reduce test time a lot. It has been a “show stopper” for some users, see comments and votes on this Arquillian Jira.

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Thank you for collecting feedback:

I would like to see improvements in reducing the timespending deployments and support for JUnit 5 (I know the problems the team is discussing in JIRA)


I’d love to discuss the testing on Cloud story with Cube and k8s. Is there a strong community future here in the k8s community and CNCF?


That’s really interesting area to dive into. If you could provide concrete use cases you have in mind that would help us set the context right. This sounds however, like its own thread in here though :slight_smile: