Chameleon behind a proxy


I’m using Chamelon in a simple Java EE7 project by annotating a simple JUnit test class with these annotations:

All is OK when I’m not behind an Internet proxy: dependencies and wildfly container is well downloaded and tests are executed.
But it’s not the case when I’m behind a proxy: Chameleon is not able to download the containers’s jars.
Of course I verified my settings.xml. It seems, Chameleon doesn’t take it in account.

Any idea about this?

Did you try passing standard Java properties when running the build / test from the IDE?

Yes, with no hope, even from command line with mvn.
If I try to use, for example Wildfly 14.0.0.Final (using a custom containers.yaml with configuration for Wildfly 14), and not behind a proxy, the distribution wildfly-dist-14.0.0.Final artifact is properly downloaded.
But behind a proxy (after to have deleted my Maven local cache for the artifact), it is clear that Chameleon can’t reach Maven repository; isn’t reachable.

In case it can help, here what I found related to this problem: