Arquillian,xml for different environments


How can i maintain multiple arquillian,xml files or multiple configurations for Offshore, Dev, Prod and Test.

Supposing i have to use a different proxy for Dev and Test can i have two configurations or 2 arquillian files let us say arquillian-dev.xml and arquillian-Test.xml?

Where does it trigger arquillian.xml file, can i have a different file name like myarquillian.xml

This is maven project in Intellij and i am working on Selenium and Cucumber
in my settings.xml one of the proxy is configured as below


can i add another proxy configuration here and refer that id in arquillian,xml file, if i can how do i differentiate between Dev/Test and Prod environments dynamically

Please suggest if you have any other way to do the same

We had similar problem,
We want to use different server adapter (remote, managed, standalone) in some situations.
So i created a template of the arquillian.xmlwith parameters on these part which have to be changable.
With the build-Tool (in my case gradle) we read properties from a file und push them into the template.
So you can generate the arquillian.xml you need for special envirement, based on the properties you read from a file. The generateArquillianXML-Task, which pump the properties into the template an copy the template into /src/test/resources-folder, will run before the test will start.

Thanks @hoeppy, this is interesting but we are not using build tool yet.

This is definitely a useful solution in the future for us