Arquillian Universe RefCard/CheatSheet

From time to time the idea of making a RefCard comes up, but it’s never managed to materialize fully.

Based on some of the review comments from the Arquillian In Action book @lordofthejars brought it up again as a possible solution to people not knowing about certain annotations etc…

Of course, some of this stem from lack of deep ref docs in general or lack of exposure of said docs, but regardless a RefCard still sounds like a good start to me. So, ready for round n? :smile:

What type of RefCard is still not determined, but we’re looking into DZone among other options. More details on that as they emerge.

Regardless of where/how we publish the RefCard we have a few central questions to figure out;

  • Where do we want to position us? Java EE? JVM? JS? Functional?.. ?

  • What extensions should be included?

Based on the diversity of Arquillian extensions and their possible use cases it could come off as very confusing to just bunch them all into a single RefCard. Maybe a RefCard per attach surface would be more appropriate? e.g.

  • Backend EE? Core + Persistence, Jacoco, Byteman, REST…
  • Functional EE? Core + Drone, Warp, Warp JSF, Graphene (REST?)…
  • Functional JS? Core + Drone, Warp, Graphene, AngularJS
  • Android? Core + Drone + Droidium
  • DevOps? Core + Cube + X

Nico Knabe started something similar a long long time ago that might help give an idea of that type of content we’re aiming for: Missing from this tho is the quick annotation ref.

Well I miss for example the dependencies of typical adapters (tomcat, wildfly, TomEE, wildfly).

Also DZone refcard it can only takes 8 pages, so we can create one refcard with each of the categories you mention and then create one official refcard with a mix of them.