Arquillian Spring Warp not innjecting ModelView

Hello, this is the first time I am developing a test using Arquillian Spring extension. Everything works so well until I try to use with Spring Warp extension. In that case I try to inject the ModelAndView object using @ArquillianResource, but I had no luck and the instance is null.

The example is a simple Greetings application and using Drone works, so it seems that or I am missing something or maybe in case of web app which only uses Java-based configuration classes does not work.

The project can be found here

I will continue making some research, just in case anybody has found the same problem and can help on this would be perfect.


Also adding WarpDispatcherServlet makes everything throws an exception. I need to see it in more calm but I think that the problem is that you cannot use Spring Warp with Java-based configuration.

Anyone knows this?

Ok the problem was in Arquillian Spring extension. It will be fixed in 1.1.0

@aslak When do you think we can release a 1.1.0? Maybe we should coordinate with Jakub to see what are the requirements for 1.1.0. Or release an alpha1 with only this fix. I think it is important to release as soon as possible because Spring extension 1.0 it faces only Spring 2 and Spring 3 (although it can be used in some way with 4) but I am sure that people who are using Spring currently is implementing applications with Spring 4.

When ever is a good time. I’ll push if Jakub agrees. :smile:

Cool, basically I asked it because Spring 4 is the current version, and also because it will allow me to close the Arquillian Spring chapter with latest code and I won’t need to wait one month or so.