Arquillian Recorder Reports and Cube

I am figuring out what would be interesting to report from Arquillian Cube test.

I think that a user don’t want to know if a container has been started or not, or it has been deployed or not since if not the tests will simply fail. What I think it might be useful for a reviewer is where the docker container has been deployed (docker host, docker machine) and which orchestration scenario has been deployed. Something like

Also might be useful when a container is stopped to add or as attachment or as a text the log of each of the containers so you can inspect if any error had happening and was uncaught.

What do you think?

As a first step, I would think about some simple measurements

  • how long does it take to start/stop containers
  • what containers are in use

Then we can think about enriching this information with some docker stats information as well as moving forward with Visualization. There are a few libraries on github which can help us bring this functionality.

Yes I agree, let me check if Docker already provides some of this info or we need to implement by our own.

I have been watching how to integrate both projects:

I have thought about adding as Metadata ( Reportable capabilities. Doing in this way means that reporting capabilities are moved to Cube core. So for example if DockerCube has reporting metadata or PodCube has reporting metadata both will generate an entry on the report. The main advantage is that the logic of generating the report is out of each module.