Arquillian Graphene and Angular JS

Hi I am developing a Graphene test with Angular JS. First of all before using Graphene I have written a Drone test:

        public void shouldShowLoginPage() {

And in this case the browser is opened both fields are filled and when the login button is pushed there is an AngularJS transition to “next” page.

But then I decided to move to Graphene and I jhave created a PageObject:

    public class LoginPage {
        @FindBy(id = "username")
        private WebElement username;
        @FindBy(id = "password")
        private WebElement password;
        @FindBy(id = "loginBtn")
        private WebElement loginButton;
        public void login(String username, String password) {

In this case the browser is opened, both fields are filled, the login button is pushed because I can see how the colour changes, but the page does not transition. Also I can remove the guardAjax protection but the result is exactly the same. So what I am doing wrong?

I am using Arquillian 1.1.8, Drone 2.0.0.Alpha4, Graphene 2.1.0.Alhpa2 and Selenium bom 2.45.0.

You can execute yourself the project:

Thank you so much,

Did you find the solution for your issue?

I can’t remember but I think so.

In general it’s good to have a wait for all pending requests initiated by Angular. You can easily do it yourself or grab angularjs-graphene extension which comes with this functionality too.