Arquillian drone standalone parallel

I have an arquillian drone test class running against an existing web site (no Deployment), in standalone mode.

I would like to run tests in parallel (parallelized at method level), as they are expensive tests. If I use methods in failsafe configuration I get an error and I cannout use a runner like ConcurrentTestRunner because I must use Arquillian runner.

Any ideas?


Parrallelized on the method level is something I was never able to get running with Drone. I managed on the other hand to successfully run classes in parallel against 10+ browsers. That’s the working configuration I used:


In arquillian.xml you can extend the timeout:

<extension qualifier="drone">
  <property name="instantiationTimeoutInSeconds">120</property>


Thanks for the answer. I finally went with plain webdriver selenium, I think it will suit me better than arquillian since I’m doing classic full deployment and I really need parallelism at method level.

I really liked the idea behind guardHttp and guardAjax from Graphene though, I think it’s very useful!