Arquillian Cube

Hi guys, I think it would be interesting discussing the next steps to take in Arquillian Cube.

There is one thing that I have received some incomings and we need to take a solution. The problem is of exception you get when using another JAXRS provider rather than Jersey on your application:
Should we fork original project (Docker-Java) and fix this (since it seems they don’t want to accept a PR about this). Should we reimplement from 0 and implement our own Docker-Java library?

The other things to discuss is what are the next steps?

For example we can provide support for apache mesos or Docker Compose. But adding this support may require some inner changes and possible backwards compatibility. May it should be better release first stable version and work this for 1.1?

Well let’s discuss and let’s continue working on this


Docker-Java has a separation between API and impl(jax-rs). We could contribute a clean up of the few jax-rs dependencies that are leaking a bit outside of impl and provide our own DockerExecutorClientFactory(?) impl with Cube that uses what ever we want. Then we choose to exclude jax-rs etc when we depend on Docker-Java.

Cube is still in Alpha, so strictly speaking we’re expected to change… Kubernetes support is something I need over the next month or so.