Arquillian 1.2 and Java version

Probably Arquillan 1.2 will contain the code for Suite tests in Arquillian. I was thinking that if we could use the same big update to change the minimum version of Java from 5 to 7? I said this because if we upgrade to Java 7 we will be able to use java.util.concurrent package. This will be very helpful to implement parallel execution of incontainer tests.


Yea, that could be a good time to do that.

We just need to map out which Container Adapters we will ‘deprecate/unsupport’ moving forward as I’m sure there are some of the ones we currently have that require Java 5/6.

Ok I am going to do this and give you the results here, and then decide what to do.

Honestly, I would even opt for JDK 8 :slight_smile:

This would be awesome and it could help me with this issue tremendously

+1 to JDK 8 as the minimum version. There is no reason to upgrade to JDK 7 as it will be EOL’ed soon.

Hope in near future we can give news about this