Arquillian Universe - Getting started experience


We’ve started a new project to improve the Getting Started experience of Arquillian Universe.

It’s been a long complain/frustration that Arquillian is too hard to configure/setup/dependency hell. The Arquillian Universe Bom project is aiming to do something about that.

The initial discussion can be found here:

Currently the user view looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">


    <name>Arquillian Universe Test</name>
    <description>Arquillian Universe Test</description>



That gives you the Arquillian JUnit Container integration, Arquillian Persistence and the Chameleon container. Similar you can add org.arquillian.universe:arquillian-drone|graphene and soon to come a bunch of the others, e.g. Cube, Warp etc…

Additional to this POM, the only extra configuration currently is some target for the Chameleon container:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<arquillian xmlns:xsi=""

    <container qualifier="chameleon" default="true">
            <property name="chameleonTarget">wildfly:9.0.0.Final:managed</property>



I would suggest merging all guides into 1 canonical, centralized reference manual and add all Arquillian universe docs there (and only there). So with the very least a separate chapter for each major extension. And also 1 or more quick start chapters. There could be a new repo in github as arquillian-docs to hold those docs. Currently all docs info is scattered and unversioned (so it’s not obvious if there’s a newer better version of that information).

Then we can use ctrl-f in the browser on the single_html to find the best quality Arquillian related information in one page. Examples of such reference manuals for other projects:


@Geoffrey_De_Smet Docs are definitely another pain point that needs work.


How about improving the Arquillian Forge add-on to automatically set that up?


@gastaldi To setup the Universe BOM? or instead of?

But yes, of course the Forge addon should be updated to use ‘this’… But let’s figure out what ‘this’ is first :smile:


Yes, setup the universe BOM or any specific arquillian subproduct


The first set of Universe modules has been pushed upstream;

Feel free to take it for a spin! :slight_smile:


man, this is really complicated configuration,
especially when you already have a project that has dependency modules (EAR, EJB, WEB) .com one 6 Jboss application server on my machine.
I’m trying to set up to 7 days, but nothing, is not it the container, of null, already configured the arquillian.xml already put in pom.xml and is also referenced in JBOSS_HOME the path and could not work anything yet :frowning: , I started reading your book, Aslak, “Continuous Enterprise Development in Java” especially the part about Arquillian. I am not an expert in Arquillian. not yet, but I will get.
If powers humbly help me. can you help me Aslak? :smiley: :smile:


If you could provide your POM xml I can try to see what might be wrong…