Arquillian Core Suite/SubSuite: How to define the Suite



Yes, it will be see first in 1.2.0.Alpha1.


Ok, I see. Thanks for info.


Hi @aslak , 1.2.0.Alpha1 what? core? drone? what is dependency name?


1.2.0.Alpha1 of Core :smile:


when? you have a date for publishing?


Has the work started on this @aslak? If not, when do you think something will be available for me to write about?


The plan is to have 1.2.0.Alpha1 out by J1 :smile:


Hi @aslak, is this the most updated work for suite support? Iā€™m facing an issue with suite extension and chameleon and want see if it also happens with the new/official suite too.


all people needs suite


Hi, @aslak Suite not available?


Hi, @aslak, will Suite also be supported to run TestNG tests on arquillian.